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Leslie Anne Brown

Transformational Life Coaching 

The pursuit of happiness—is that what life is all about? Well, that’s part of it. But research shows that what we really want, as human beings, is to connect and lead a life that’s meaningful. 
We want more peace and clarity, to step into our own power and discover who we truly are.


We all want a career that fulfills us, to make a difference in the world around us, to find lasting romance and build

thriving relationships. At the end of the day, we hope to have lived a full life, one that’s bursting at the seams with love, joy and meaningful experiences. You’re not alone if you find yourself feeling life isn’t quite turning out that way.

If you catch yourself thinking "I'm ready for more" then it's time to tune in, take charge, and start living and loving on purpose.

I help people across North America learn how to take their lives off autopilot and tune in to what lights

them up.

My job is to make a real and measurable difference in the lives of my clients, helping them to 
become more resilient, lean into emotional experiences and find the right tools, strategies and the confidence to achieve every goal.

From divorce to job loss, grief to career changes, cross-country moves to stepping into self-love, I’m here to be your mentor, supporter and ally in finding your purpose and your passion.

Stop burning out and start thriving
It all begins with you1

Meet Amelia

Living and Loving with Purpose

with Leslie Brown Coaching

Contact me today for a free 30-minute consultation.

I can help with

Why Life Coaching?
Being your authentic self​
Reigniting your sense of adventure

Loving people and connecting more wholeheartedly.

Goal Setting

Facing your truths
with bravery and self compassion

The Next Step

Taking the next step—in your career, education or romance
Increasing intimacy, trust, and communication in your marriage. 

Conflict Resolution

Breaking unhealthy patterns and letting go of the things that hold you back

Stress Management

Navigating trauma, loss and grief, divorce and life transitions
Gaining clarity about what lights you up.

Step onto your true path

Across North America, more people than ever before are struggling with stress, burnout and feelings of emptiness. Many of us feel stuck—in our careers, roles or relationships—and it often feels like our lives lack purpose. Busyness has become the badge that we all strive for, leaving us continually anxious and unfulfilled. But it doesn’t have to be that way...


I provide a confidential and judgment-free space for you to be your authentic self. I will meet you wherever you’re at—and you’ll always feel safe, heard and understood. Together, we will sift through your fears, dreams, hopes and obstacles and strip down even the most complex issues to their core essence. I will ask the hard questions, you will face your truths and together we will explore deeply in order to find the answers you seek.

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123 - 456 - 7890

500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158

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